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  • HI, it is for rlink2. For rlink 1 I´m not sure it exists some guide, but it is probably that yes. I know it exists also something for medianav.
    I can send you the guide, if you want, but it is up to you if it is good idea to give it to people - because of that demaging of r-link. Till know we still dont know, how solve this situation for 100%.
    Hi Ignazio, no, right now Im still not able to activate DAB :-( It was just photo from developer menu. I know how to get in, but it is better no to spread this info - about developer menu - between people, because there is a big problem. As you know, people are clicking without knowing what they do. With 1 click from the main menu you can totally switch off your r-link. Totally dark screen, not possible to switch ON.
    Hi maydayanthem, I'm so curious about your debug screen of Rlink! You can see it with an USB and a folder named Dubug,ecc ecc?? It's a safe procedure? I know very very well the ddt4all, I've done a lot of activation and scanning but this "new" debug mode seems to be nice and I want to try. I've a Megane 4 Bose 1.6 dci with Rlink without Dab and Carplay but I saw your image where the dab module is active!!
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